Cessna 414A / Chancellor III / Chancellor aircraft for sale

The Cessna 414 built by Cessna is a light, pressurized, twin-engine transport aircraft. It was based on the fuselage of the Cessna 421. It is a low wing cantilever monoplane with a retractable tricycle landing gear, powered by two piston engines.
The 414A Chancellor is the improved variant introduced in 1978 with a re-designed and increased span wing.
One or two crew members could transport up to 8 passengers. The range of the aircraft is aprox. 1328 nm.
Cessna 414A
Cessna 414A€ 49.000
Year: 1971; TTAF: 7030h; Type: Multiprop; Location: France, Marseille, MRS / LFML; IFR equipped; Serial No.: 4140156; Reg. No.: F-BSRE; Last annual: 11/2016  EU tax paid
Cessna 414 AW Chancellor
Cessna 414 AW Chancellor€ 310.000
Year: 1978; TTAF: 5470h; Type: Multiprop; Location: Germany; IFR certified, IFR equipped, Always hangared; Serial No.: 414A-0064; Reg. No.: N82AW  EU tax paid
Cessna 414A
Cessna 414A€ 311.732
Year: 1978; TTAF: 7300h; Type: Multiprop; Location: Pakistan; IFR certified, IFR equipped, Always hangared, Commercially registered; Serial No.: 0079; Reg. No.: AP-BGT; Last annual: 8/2015  US$ 355.000

Cessna 414A
Cessna 414A€ 376.712
Year: 1979; TTAF: 6201h; Type: Multiprop; Location: Mexico, guadalajara; Last annual: 5/2016  US$ 429.000
net price: US$ 429.000