Eurocopter BO105 helicopters for sale

The Bo 105 is a light, twin-engine, multi-purpose utility helicopter developed by Eurocopter (production began under Messerschmitt-Blkow-Blohm (MBB)). Eurocopter continued to produce the helicopter until 2001 then it was replaced in the product line by the EC 135.

A crew of one or two pilots could carry up to four passengers.
Eurocopter BO105 CBS 4
Eurocopter BO105 CBS 4€ 319.000
Year: 1990; TTAF: 8399h; Type: Helicopter; Location: Germany, Langenzenn, EDQH; Serial No.: S-832; Reg. No.: D-HAZY; Last annual: 10/2012  
Eurocopter BO 105
Eurocopter BO 105€ 8.900
Year: 1990; TTAF: 2500h; Type: Helicopter; Location: Germany, 94146; Antique/Classic/Oldtimer, Military